Friday, February 25, 2011

A Word About The Previous Post

Hi Internet World, how are you today? We don't really know each other do we... so why post such personal feelings online where anyone could read it and in turn take from it what they will?

The answer? I'm not sure.

Maybe it's a mixture of therapeutic writing and sending it into the universe where someone might read and understand just how you feel. Maybe it's because even though the cyber-world is vast and unpredictable it still feels like you are never really quite alone.

So my last post- Personal? Yes. Poetic? Possibly.

I have really strong feelings not only about why I wrote it but also why I chose to post it.

I have been really hard on myself lately. Ending a relationship with someone NEVER helps in that department. I'm also the kind of gal that never ever gives herself enough credit for the good she does... I'm always brushing that part of it aside and then off to the next task.

So the other day I was filing through some pictures when I came across a picture of me in the hospital just after I had donated my kidney to my little sister. My face was puffy and I was attached to oxygen, but in True Peggy Fashion I tried to muster a smile whilst in so much pain so that it would be a somewhat decent picture... HA!

In any case, something about THAT picture stopped me into silence. I looked at this woman as if she wasn't myself. I thought about what she had just done, how much pain she must be in and I started to cry for her sacrifice. My heart went out to her. That's what got me thinking.

If I could say anything to myself as if she were just a good friend and not myself, what would I say? Knowing her struggles, knowing those moments that no one sees, knowing her hopes and needs... what would she need to hear?

So I started to write. It was 100% cathartic and healing. It's A-MAZING what it felt like to love myself like that for a minute. To praise myself for good deeds and getting over hard things. To urge her on and cheer her effort. It did a body good!

Ladies, the reason I posted this is because what would this world look like if all of us did a better job of showering ourselves with some lovin'? What would it do for you if today you too wrote yourself a letter of appreciation and encouragement? If you truly the the rain of awesome words fall upon yourselves with understanding and admiration for the person you are the good that you do?

DO IT! No, seriously... stop reading this blog right this second and go do it. You think I'm kidding... get out of here!

I can only assume no one is reading any more... that's RAD!

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